Gold Belt - 26 movements
In Korean, Jay-oo means 'freedom'. This kata was developed by Jhoon Rhee and is the first kata you learn at AKSD. In the words of Jhoon Rhee:

The form "Jayoo" has been created in appreciation of the value of freedom. A concept which has been spread throughout the world since our founding fathers created this nation with the freedom system protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.

George Mason, one of the wisest of those founding fathers said, "Liberty is the gift of God, not the government; and the purpose of government is to protect that liberty, not destroy it." I believe our future world can be bright only if we choose to work to light the hearts of our young people by our living example. True liberty is practiced within the law of human conscience. Free behaviors that follow the animal instinct are not true freedom but are license. We must be able to distinguish license from freedom.
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